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Build Lightweight, Real-Time Vue Apps

Connect your Feathers app to the new-generation Vue store.

Feathers-Pinia Logo

Powered by Pinia

Pinia is Vuex 5. It's a joy to use with a clean API and memorable syntax.


Best Practices Baked In

Vue 3 + Composition API 😎 Common Redux patterns included. SWR Fall-through cache by default. Query the store like a local database.


Realtime by Default

Realtime isn't an afterthought or add-on. With Live Queries, watch your data update as new data arrives from the Feathers server.


SWR with more Cowbell

Feathers-Pinia can intelligently re-use data across different queries, making apps feel faster. Or go realtime and make SWR obsolete.

Super Speedy Fast

When paired with Vue 3, you'll enjoy a massive speed increase over the same app built with Feathers-Vuex. Really, it's huge.


Powerful Data Modeling

Define data structures. Write cleaner code with model-level computed properties.

Many thanks go to the Vue, Vuex, Pinia, and FeathersJS communities for keeping software development FUN!