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Connect your Feathers app to an elegant Vue store you'll enjoy using.

🍍 Powered by Pinia

Pinia is Vuex 5. It's a joy to use with a clean API and memorable syntax.

🧁 Best Practices Baked In

Vue 3 + Composition API 😎 Common Redux patterns included. SWR Fall-through cache by default. Query the store like a local database.

⚡️ Realtime by Default

Realtime isn't an afterthought or add-on. With Live Queries, watch your data update as new data arrives from the Feathers server.

➳ Feathers-Vuex Friendly

Works in existing Feathers-Vuex apps with a similar API. Prepare for Vuex 5 by migrating individual services over time.

🥷 Powerful Data Modeling

Define data structures. Write cleaner code with model-level computed properties.

SWR with more Cow Bell 🐮

A step up from SWR, Feathers-Pinia can intelligently re-use data across different queries, making apps feel faster. Or go realtime and make SWR obsolete.

MIT Licensed. Many thanks go to the Vue, Vuex, Pinia, and FeathersJS communities for keeping software development FUN!